About Clearing The Air Summit

About Clearing The Air Summit


The Issue

Regardless of where one lives, people with respiratory challenges will feel the effects of climate change. The rates of people with severe forms of asthma are climbing, and climate change will exacerbate symptoms in many, placing an added burden on the heath care system, in addition to the personal burden experienced by individuals.

The most vulnerable Canadians including children and seniors, families on low incomes and many Aboriginal people are already feeling the effects the most. And it will get worst.

Climate change is a health threat no less consequential than cigarette smoking. Patients with asthma, COPD and other lung problems will die earlier and be in worse health not only because of air pollution, but also because of the effects of climate change: more severe and prolonged heat waves, variations in temperature, forest fires, droughts and floods.


The Event

The Asthma Society of Canada is holding its Second Annual conference, May 4th and 5th in Toronto bringing together leaders from government, industry, academia and the not-for-profit sectors to examine the effects of climate change on asthma and respiratory allergies and to issue a call-to-action for decision makers.

The conference will provide a forum for expert analysis and dialogue on the state of allergies and asthma in Canada, current challenges due to climate change and the potential impact of climate change on patients, primary care health providers, and partners in the health care industry and government. Experts in outdoor and indoor air quality, microbiology, aeroallergens, severe weather impacts, air pollution and the natural environment will offer analysis and research. Outstanding research questions will be noted and an agenda for ongoing inquiry will be constructed.


Health and The Environment are Inextricably Linked

Asthma and allergies, including both the social and economic impacts of climate change on respiratory health demand more attention from policy makers and the Canadian public. Join us for this breakthrough World Asthma Day event.



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